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  1. The best solution I came up with that wasn't a simple door/compactor was using diamond tiles as a base, sulfur as a coolant (lowest amount of light loss for a liquid and perfect temperature range for regolith) and placing the voles right on the platform with a complex sweeper system (well more the cooling system needed to be complex) to move any dropped eggs back onto the platform. That was the only non-exploit method I could come up with that didn't grind to a halt from conveyor overload. Or I can just jam some doors at the top of the map /eyeroll... My problem isn't that zany, exploit ridden builds exist, it's that in many cases they are required or are massively cheaper/more efficient. We never use airlocks as airlocks. Instead we use water locks. Airlocks are used as compactors and gas deletion, because that's cheaper/more efficient than actual scrubbers... Nothing in this game does anything remotely similar to what it's supposed to do. Large sections just don't work, or work in such convoluted and annoying ways that it leaves me completely scratching my head...
  2. Well take regolith/meteor showers in the original game. I put together a dozen different builds to try to handle it (I liked using solar power). Everything that I saw online plus a half dozen of my own versions. I came up with a few that were amazing. In the end though, the only build that worked was using doors as compactors, because the game produced so much regolith, that any other solution would inevitable cause the game to grind to a halt. It's not that I have a problem with meteorite storms, or compactor door setups existing, but that a weird borderline exploit was the ONLY way you could realistically solve the problem.
  3. I understand. I used heat/cooling more as an example of needlessly complex systems and gating. Rather than looking for explicit solutions to cooling. Maybe I wasn't too clear. My issue is that it seems Klei's approach to increasing difficulty is to make things more annoying/restrictive; which I feel leads to less creativity rather than more.
  4. Interesting, it was more an example of the issues with the game than a problem I was having. Fair enough, there's nothing wrong with enjoying it.
  5. No one's forcing you to respond in this thread either...
  6. Picked up the DLC not too long ago, I understand it's alpha so I expected bugs or weird balance issues... but I do not like it at all. I know I'm going to get flak here, but I feel you're making a game that will only be enjoyable to a few streamers and maybe one or two of the 'regulars' who just want to see how many ways they can break the sim. You're committing the same mistakes you did in vanilla... While there's much to love (the art style is great, the music fantastic, the biomes interesting, I like the multiple planet approach, etc...), one of the big problems is that of difficulty and gating. What do I mean? Heat is a perfect example of this issue. There's so many neat and interesting contraptions that will never be built or used because they generate heat. So how do you handle heat? Well the AQ/ST combo is the sledgehammer to any nail in this game. Completely unparalleled in efficiency and effectiveness. So apart from a few wheezworts in the 100-200 cycle range, it's pretty much just race up the tech tree ignoring 90% of it till you hit the AQ/ST and then build 100 of them. But then.. what's the point of all the other builds? The game's practically 90% over at that point. Almost all the major systems in this game have this sort of 'all or nothing' approach. Hydrogen vent... AQ/ST because otherwise it's too hot to pump. Natural gas vent... same thing... volcano's... same thing. Steam vents hot/cold... same thing. Electrolysis... same thing... It's always the same thing because there's nothing tech-wise between spamming insulated tiles and AQ/ST for heat management (apart from wheezeworts on same maps). This applies to many of the other systems as well. It's all or nothing, there's no real mid game, it's just early and late skipping 90% of the stuff in between. and mostly because it seems you want to add 'difficulty' and so make all the devices and contraptions artificially annoying for no reason other than to piss players off. From wire/power/transformers to the mess that was solar panels and endless regolith... These 'issues' don't make the game more challenging, and certainly not more interesting. They don't force creative builds or reward 'outside the box' thinking. They're mostly just annoying, for no reason but to be annoying. Radiation is this 1000 fold. Radbolts are just... one of the dumbest things I've had to deal with in a video game. And then, of course, almost the entire game is gated behind this annoying mechanic, forcing me to use it... On the bright side I'll get more work done this summer than the last two...
  7. Or they could actually, I dunno, finish the game before 'launching' it? I know... such a quaint idea in today's day and age.
  8. Reducing the amount of regoith would really help with performance. I'm currently up to over 5000t of the stuff just clogging up everything and killing performance. A simple change would be reduce the weight of a regolith tile to 1/5 (instead of 1t per tile 200kg per tile like algae) and bump its SHC from 0.2 to 1.0 (matching igneous rock) and then reduce the amount dropped by 1/5. The same amount of heat had to be handled, meteors don't change, nothing changes but the total amount drops by 1/5 and so becomes at least slightly manageable. The game is crumbling under its own weight, you guys need to develop for the engine you have, something has to change late-game. Oh and I have a haunted hot tub. For 400 cycles now with no inputs or outputs (no one using it) and room temp at a constant 28C, its starts at 41.2C drops to 40.2C over a few seconds, then instantly jumps back to 41.2C... and has been doing this through save-games, non-stop, unused, for 400 cycles at least.
  9. Okay. Copper volcano is a few screens to the right of the printer. Antfarm.sav
  10. I have a copper volcano surrounded with ceramic insulated tiles. There's a 150kg layer of petroleum on the bottom, the rest is steam. Sweeper arm, tempshift tiles, some automation, and steam turbine on top round out the system. After watching the volcano for a while, I noticed a weird bug. Sometimes when the copper volcano erupts, the resulting copper debris cools quite quickly (due to the petroleum layer on the bottom) as expected. Sometimes though, and I don't know what triggers this, it will cool at around 1/10th to 1/20th the usual rate. Instead of cooling to 130ish after 1 cycle it was cooling only to 400ish when this bug occurred. In fact if you watched closely you can see it switch from cooling at a rate of 2-3C per second to 0.1C per second. This happened sporadically but consistently. If I paused the game when the copper was cooling slowly, saved it, quit to the main menu and reloaded, the copper debris would return to its normal (fast) rate of cooling. Also using the sweeper arm to relocate the copper (activating/disactivating the sweeper arm quickly so as to cause it to drop mid 'pick up' and hence relocate the copper) still within the chamber and the copper would reset to its normal/fast rate of cooling.
  11. It seems that if you have a storage bin with sweep on that is holding seeds, but some are already on the floor beneath the storage bin, that the pips refuse to plant the seeds under the bin (but will plant other seeds nearby). They walk up to the seeds, take one in their mouth (chubby cheeks animation) but instead of moving to the planting location simply freeze for a few seconds before dropping the seed. They will repeat this endlessly every 10s or so. The fix is simply to destroy storage bin. I've seen this occur in two different locations, and in both locations as soon as the offending storage bin was destroyed the pips continued planting again fine.