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Next Gen Upgrading Questions

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Hello, I searched the forums and couldn't find any answers to the following questions.

1. Will account progress/inventories/purchases be transferred to the new generation of consoles (Ex. PS4 to PS5)

2. Will there be any type of option to transfer account progress/inventories/purchases between console families if upgrading between them (Ex. PS4 to Xbox Series X)

I appreciate any help on getting a response. Thanks.

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I don’t know about from PC to PS4 or from PS4 to Xbox but I think that you’ll still keep stuffs from PS4 to PS5

But then again- Klei has made no announcements of a next gen DST- so most likely what will end up happening is your current game is just going to be ran through a Emulator system (it’s a fancy word for tricking your console into thinking it’s still a PS4/ Xbox One when it’s actually a PS5/ Series X) 

And if the game is ran through an Emulator System then there won’t be any changes from the PS4 version because you’d still be playing the PS4 version.. for example.

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