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New Monster/nest upgrades

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I just started playing this game 3 days ago and love it, I have always wanted a survival game that is just this good, I love the difficulty of the same or maybe I am just that bad since I died like 6 times on the first day. But after I got a hang on the game and watched videos about the mobs in the game, the first though I though of was the spiders, bats, and bees, basically any mobs that spawn from some kind of spawner, like spiders with its nest. I think that with the spider nest, there should be more than just 3 tiers, if we talk about people who survived a long long time, a three tier nest would be everywhere, I think there should be more, this goes with any other nest, I think it would be nice to have a conditional upgrade of the nest. The manga 'Kumo Desu ga, Nani Ka?' in the first couple chapters explains spider evolution and there was a final evolution of a specific spider race that turns ENORMOUS. I think there should be like hidden bosses for it. For example, if you have 10 three tier nest, then you can upgrade this to 4 or 5 or 6 and so on, and maybe at the new max tier, it will house the ENORMOUS boss of that monster.

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