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wolfgangs possible rework ideas

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hey everyone, its your boy. BeanBoy12 who only ever plays permanent night here. we have all seen how well Klei does with all their reworks for characters. and how amazing they do at balancing them out. we have yet to see lots of the characters reworked (which is understandable due to covid-19).

recently I've been playing a lot of Wolfgang and Woodie, and I'm exited for Wolfgang's rework (however long it may take).

I have some ideas, notably one, that I'm hoping you will all understand very well. you see, Wolfgang is a big and strong guy, and when he fights he gets hit a lot of the time right? so it would make sense for him to have.... what I call the rage boost

you see, the rage boost wouldn't be just making him stronger more speedy and more defensive, it would have effects on his own body and mind. so just like the Werebeaver (back when Woodie wasn't reworked) it would injure the player, cause them to lose some sanity, and would make the player hungry after the rage boost wears off. turning the player into wimpy Wolfgang if not on a full stomach. Wolfgang when enraged will gain a giant attack boost, a 5% extra speed boost (added to the mighty speed boost). but will also lose sanity faster when enraged. the rage meter will fill when near an enemy very slowly, but when the player is getting hit or is hitting an enemy, the rage meter will fill up faster (the speed of the meter filling up depends on how much health an enemy has and how much dmg you are doing, or the amount of dmg you are having dealt to you by an enemy). that's it from me, ill catch you all on the flipside, see you guys later!

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