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First Impressions : Venom


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Got the game on steam about 3 hours ago and just let me say I'm loving it so far. The art style is probably what drew me to it the most. The quirky 2d graphics and creepy music instantly drew me in. As for actual gameplay goes, it feels pretty good and im enjoying it very much. At first I was afraid it was going to be a terraria/minecraft clone. THANK YOU for not doing that. This game is no clone, while it does share some ideas with those, this game clearly goes out on its own tangent with creativeness. The idea of research and forcing the player to explore is so cool. Can't wait to play more and see where they take this game.

P.S. I'm only writing this because i died :crushed:

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Good to hear that you are enjoying the game. It was the same for me, I saw the game in a Let's Play video and was sold on the setting. Be prepared to die a few times though, getting to know the game can be dangerous with some unexpected suprises:p

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