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Twisted co-op idea

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Hello Guys,

a friend and I had an idea for a fun (or not so fun) co-op:

The game works exactely like single player, so the game starts with one Portal and 3 dups. Everything is shared among the players (Materials, Food, Research...) except for the Dups. Player 1 controls two of them, Player 2 controls the third. Whoever activates the Portal gets control of the new Dup. Each player can control their Dup (setting up scedules, priorities, food restrictions and build orders). If P1 gives build orders, P2 can see these orders, but he cannot interfer with them. Not sure if the build orders can then only be completed by P1s Dups or by any Dup, up for discussion.

What we expect from this is total mayhem and fun (at least fun when you watch it) ;) What do you think about this?

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