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Mod is/isn't on the workshop?

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So I uploaded my beta mod via the "ModUploader" tool, and I can see its workshop page.  I moved my mod file to another file, subscribed to my own mod, booted up the game, aaaaand where is the mod I uploaded?  It's not here..  Did I do something wrong?  I found a guide on how to upload to Steam and it seems to suggest I live the original mod file in my own mod file location, and everyone else downloads a copy.  Is that right?  I'm just trying to make sure I uploaded the file correctly.


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Restarted everything, set the privacy to public, checked in the mods tab and the file location, and still nothing..  The mod appears to be uploaded, but I can't download it.  You mentioned "griftland mod uploader post" but I'm not sure what that is.  I used the mod-uploaded that's in the Don't Starve Mod Tools file location.

Edit:  The mod appeared in my mod file!  Not sure what I did differently..  I was just afk with the mod window open, and when I came back it was there.

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