Suggestion: More Bribery

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Hi! I'd love to see more bribery options.

Typically the player has the option of Negotiate/Fight, but some missions allow the player to solve the problem at hand with some well-placed Shills.

I'd like to see this as a recurring option, giving the player a potential break from fighting, or even from negotiating when Resolve/HP is low, but their pockets are bulging with Shills.

Or you could be going into a lopsided fight, and bribe the opponent's backup to quit the fight to give you a better chance of winning.

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Which situations are you thinking about specifically? I'm pretty sure most random map events you can't flat out walk away from or ignore already have options to bribe your way out of conflict whereas a lot of the randomly assigned missions as Sal/Rook/Smith have options to bribe people in the area to look the other way or help you out. Admittedly these are rarer for Rook, but for Sal and Smith it's quite common and paying off back-up to look the other way during combat is often crucial to resolving day 1 missions aggressively.

It's usually only for the end of day quests that end with boss battles that you can't toss shills at the problem, since those exist to gatekeep people out of the coming days if their decks aren't up to snuff. If someone's really bulging with shills and in such bad shape then they should've spent those shills on healing, cards, grafts or pets. 

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