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Auras are broken?

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I'm testing some code related to auras, and just noticed..  All my characters are immune to positive and negative sanity auras.  I turned off all my mods and made a new map, but they're still unaffected by things like evil flowers or dwarf stars.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  My game updated yesterday and I'm not sure what changed.  I first noticed when I tested a custom character's sanity aura (inst.components.sanityaura.aura = 0.2) and the game crashed.  Any attempts I make to turn on the sanity aura causes a crash, but even vanilla characters on a vanilla map act as though Nothing has a sanity aura. 


Figured it out.  Apparently the "Dev Tools" mod affects multiple stats, including hunger, temperature, and health.  It basically put me in super god mode, which is weird, because it's a client mod.

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