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Semi automated liquid dispenser. Useful before space too.

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I know I know, this is an old subject. But to "celebrate" the survival of Turner ( that workaholic dug some obsidian for far too much time in magma) here's something to leave on the forum. Might be useful... I tried to make this as newb friendly as possible but I'll still focus on hydrocarbon based dispensers and some comments on liquid locks at the end.



He's back at it...

Some time ago I'd made a very crude guide on how to make 2 level liquid locks. I called it a very messy guide. The main problem is petro will flow, and very happily at that. We need it to be in the 350g range, definitely below 400g. Naptha will pool on a single tile even at 30kg so no biggie there. Let's spare some naphta, though.

That being said, here are some ideas for liquid dispensers, hope you like 'em. I've included some screenshots as needed.

Many have built #1 (my guess) so it's just for kicking off the list.

#1: Simple packet dispenser, pipe-shutoff-weight plate.


Just set some value on the weight plate to automate the shutoff. Then use the "empty pipe" command and some dupe will eventually come around to 'dispense' some bottles of liquid. Note that depending on your very capable dupes they may dispense an extra packet throwing your calculations off.

#2 A not so exact petro - flow dispenser. Manual cleanup/bottle fill needed. (Crude oil can also be used.)


Let gravity do the work. The switch on the left will activate the shutoff and release the petro (No kraken, sorry). As the petro flows it will leave just enough to mop up and create safer single servings.

#3 An "exacter" dispenser, this time using naptha. Manual bottling still needed.


Again a switch to toggle on/off. Sadly enough, ONI does not have a regular pushbutton so you'll have to turn on and then off after a second to set the ball rolling.

The flow valve is set to 50 g/s and the hydro-sensor under the vent is set to 0.1kg. The result: 300 grams or so of naphta. The rest of the naphta is sent back to the tank when the sensor is triggered. The liquid element sensor is needed to turn off the liquid shutoff after the valve is empty, otherwise you're left with an active shutoff draining your batteries on empty pipes. (Sadly enough, ONI does not have a sensor to detect mass (that way we'd know about empty pipes/conveyor rails) but since we're dealing with a single liquid type, the element sensor will do just fine.




So there, dupes should have easy to use bottles after all this work and making stacked liquid locks should be easier, right? Right?

Sort of, just remember to use the heaviest liquids at the bottom first. So from heaviest to lightest: crude oil, naptha, petroleum.

Mixing and matching is ok, but remember that crude oil will become petroleum if you heat it past 400ºC so you'll lose the lock when using petro on top.

Another thing that applies to all liquid locks is freezing. But stacked liquid locks perform worse in this matter and will be destroyed by freezing..

Needless to say, don't use conveyor rails to ship materials that offgas through stacked liquid locks. They will produce unpleasant surprises.

That's all for now.


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