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I was banned for no reason

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If is really an official KLei server, you were most likely just kicked. Wait 10 minutes and you can resume your griefing go back there for whatever reason you may wanna do so. If instead is a private/community server "KLei Official" in name only, appeal on that community Steam page/Discord channel. Or move on.

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I live in south america and play on Klei south america 1 and 2 often, and Klei SA 1 has had its own private community for a while now.

Its quite common to see that server full, always with the same players. Most of their players (I'd say 90% are from Brazil) are very friendly though, so you probably either did something they didn't like, or had bad luck and today the group there are not-so-nice hijackers.

You will be able to try to join again in 10 minutes, or after they all go to sleep in a couple of hours. Or you can try your luck on south america 2, which is usually much less popular (I play mostly there when South America 1 is full)

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