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idea for new dlc/update

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I have an idea for new dlc or update : Genetic resarch. It will add new duplicant job bioresearcher, for being one duplicants need to have max doctoring and field research abilities. Bioresearchers will be able to use genetic labs whic will open gene map.Genetic labs are resarch stations for gen points.once  a criter /duplicant enter  a genetic lab they wont come out untill research ends .Gene map is a map changes acording to criter/duplicant and their progres of gene points(they look like green DNAs).whit gene points you can do 3 thinks:

1Cloning:Clone any duplicant or criter and recreat them. Cloned duplicants will have same intrests ,skills and look. you can change names before fnishing cloning.If you have a rare criter you can clone them.cloning any criter or duplicant will take 1,5cycle. atender can survive even if it takes 999999999 cycles to complete but cant get out. cloning needs 1atender and 1000kg raw meat.

2Fusioning:Duplicants are good workers but criters have bonuses such as breathing co2. fusioned duplicants will get all bonuses of criter enetring for an example shine bug fusions will give duplicant flying, emiting light and eat things duplicants cant. fusioning will need DNA expender whic can be made in apothecary from balm lily flover , alge and slime.Fusioned duplicants cant use regular toilets. They need to use solid, liquid ,gas disposels.thees will contain material and put in a bottle(exept for solid ones).Fusing will take 3 cycles WARRİNG FUSIONING CANOT BE UNDONE. 

3Morphing:criters change of haveing a rare morph is low. morphing station will change type of an criter or egg.For this you need to complete both criters and morphs gene map. after that bring criter /egg to morphing machine and use one DNA expender.morphing will take 2 cycles. morphing a borned criter will make them older. this factor changes acording to criter.

please write to comments if you have any ideas or improvments for my Genetic resarch uptudate/dlc.

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I generally like the idea of genetics research. Didn't see it before and think its one of the top 'feature' or 'concept' suggetions out there.

Currently the devs seem to be working on Nuclear DLC so we probably wont have genetics until after that though.

anyway I like the idea.

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