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Hi all,

I'm currently working on the wiki for the game, but I've found that entering card data is very slow due to the great number of cards. I've developed a script to help form the wiki pages automatically, but it still requires manual entry of card data. I was wondering, would it be at all possible to get a plaintext file of the card data (txt/json/yaml etc)? It would help speed up the process a ton.If that sort of data is available for any other elements of the game e.g. missions, that would also be greatly appreciated

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  • Developer

Available in the next experimental build, I made a change so that one of our internal export functions will be able to save file output even in a production build.

To try it out, run in the game with the --debug command line, bring down the console with CTRL+~, and type c_export_cards().  In your settings folder where your saves reside (hunt around in %APPDATA%/Klei/Griftlands) you should see a cards.csv with some card data.

This might not give all the data you want, or in a preferable format, but I thought it's worth a try.  The other solution is to make a mod to do this, which would be pretty easy.  In the mod forum I can give types to anyone who wants to try.




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