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My first few ruins trips

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I just want to share the stories of my first few trips to the ruins since they were pretty funny


My first trip to the ruins was when i had roughly 100 hours in the game. Me and a woodie went to the ruins, and looking back, the world gen was really lucky. There weren't any fissures on the way there, and there were no nightmare lights in the areas we went to. Anyway, i was following the woodie, but then stopped to pick a light flower. He was still running for some reason, and when i caught up to him he was being chased by a dozen shadow monkeys (at that time i had no idea what and why those were). After a while the monkeys turned blue and began to sleep, and we were in the ruins. I died in like 30 seconds and the woodie bailed.


Second time and i was playing wolfgang. I went to the ruins, mined a few statues, killed a few clockworks, got a lazy explorer and crown, lost all my health and sanity and barely made it out.


Third time i was winona, and i actually managed to do smth. I ran through roughly 12 fissures 40 bats and 20 spiders (not kidding), got to the ruins, killed some clockworks, duped some thulecite and got out.


Ruins is pretty hard tbh. At least for me

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