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Trade Secrets Quest

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Prismaux    305

One problem I have with this quest is that the kickback you get from the Admiralty clerk is a normal, wild Vroc- not an upgraded one or even a trained one. Seeing how it's impossible to upgrade a pet in Grout Bog and training one relies on a random event. I suggest making the Vroc upgraded to at least compare with the 300 shills the Heshian gives you. I would rather have a graft and/or some new cards than a pet that wastes it's first turn gainig 5 defense when it already has Evasion.

Let's not talk about the Jake's kickback- a fistful of random item cards isn't as good as a rare graft. I suggest giving this kickback item cards that are rare and useful such as Tripwire. Maybe even an special item you can't normally obtain in Rook's intrigue in the Bog? Right now it's no-brainer choosing who to sell the research to. Unless you factor in the story element that the Heshians just want to buy the technology to destroy it. But I think that doesn't matter.

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