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Health trigger code for transformation?

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So I'm trying to code a "Panic mode" for my character and I can't seem to find a code that would trigger a transformation based off the character's health,
such as when the character is at 50% hp it starts panicking. Therefore it's transformation

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You have a two options (I can think of. There may be more):

1. Constantly check their health, and if below 50%, then change.

2. Every time their health gets affected, check for 50%, then change. 

I would advise going with 2.

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2 hours ago, penguin0616 said:

Yeah, what decduck said is a good idea. If you want a reference, you can look at Klaus. When he reaches 50% health, he summons krampii. All you would have to do is replace "summon krampii" with "panick"

Thanks for this one, but im a noob in coding so im not able to find out whats the trigger and the stat changes haha-

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