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Discovered this one only on day 10 of my endless plus run, it's concerning a certain gun. Putting spoiler tag because it's rather game breaking. Playing on PS4.


Probably everyone already know the combo of Flurry gun + Stim IV, which allows any agent to shoot a theorically unlimited number of times for a single turn (at a cost of 4PWR per shot).  After that turn ends, the gun status becomes Used and just occupies inventory space for the remainder of the mission. Already very powerful, but a totally legit combo. Now here comes the trick, once you're done with the gun, just drop it to the floor. The Flurry gun will maintain it's Active status even when you pick it up on a later turn.  This allows you to shoot every single turn provided you just drop it before ending the turn!  Flurry gun + 4 naked agents and you can shoot 4 times every single turn just by passing the gun around and dropping it before turn end. 5 times if one of the agent is Nika. Only limited by power and armor piercing issues at this point. 


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