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odd sound issue w/ mod

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hi , i'm having a pretty weird issue with my mod & was wondering if anyone knew anything abt this ,  a specific sound just doesn't play whenever caves are enabled (specifically a custom sound that i made for whenever the structure breaks) .  i've made sure to disable all other server and client mods ,  and the issue still persists .  i'm positive this only happens with caves enabled .  entirely stumped here ,  so any sort of help is greatly appreciated .

without caves enabled:

with caves enabled:

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It's probably due to how you have the sound set up to play. I've never done anything with sounds, but I have dealt with the no-caves/caves issues.
I'm not sure how to explain this, but I'll try my best.

The server/client "barrier" in a no-caves save isn't fully present. Here, the host player is the mastersim.

In a caves save, the "barrier" is fully present. Here, the host player is not the mastersim.

My best guess (which is not a very good one most likely) is you are listening for an event that is present on the server instead of the client, or vice versa.

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