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Bridge direct rebuild.

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Here's what I consider a QOL kind of improvement... Don't know how feasible this is...
Say you built an insulated pipe of the wrong material, what do you do? You directly build on top with the material of your choice, dupe will come, deliver material, build on top, no service interruption.

Bridges, be it liquid, gas or wires... No can do, yet! (I'll get to joint plates in a bit.)

In the case of liquids and gas there is a factor of direction involved... Could this be the limitation? (Of course, builders would go crazy being able to directly switch the orientation of a loop with the flick of a finger.)

Finally, joint plates: Besides not being able to be rebuilt the same as bridges, they can be built on top of tiles and they will replace the tile, but not the other way round... you just can't go back to a tile (without rebuilding) if you decided you didn't want the joint plate there. It is the lovely electrical bridge that is a tile at the same time that it is not.

I'd like to hear your take on this.



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