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Make default priorities based on duplicants hats

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I think priorities can be very exhausting to set, especially if you have a lot of duplicants.
I use their hats to set them a "role" - obviously there aren't roles in the game, but that helps me to identify them in the priorities menu - and then set the same
priority level to all duplicants having the same category of hats (for example I'll give the same priority to all duplicants wearing a farming hat - for all levels - but if they wear a ranching hat, then I'll set both farming and ranching skills) and do this with, say, thirty or fourty duplicants and all the jobs, can be "a painful ride".
So, it's possible to make an extra menu where we can set default priorities for all duplicants wearing the same type of hat, or maybe set that priorities as game defaults?  (like 10 duplicants are wearing a doctoring hat and their highest priority is doctoring without I have to set their levels individually)

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I`ve been suggesting for a while to make dupes grouped. A group could be set priorities, schedules, door and food permissions etc. It would save a lot of clicking if you could just assign a dupe to a group and he`d have all set already. Hats could be a nice way to identify groups.

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