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Tweaks/QoL suggestions for a Maxwell refresh

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I'm very satisfied with most of Maxwell's gameplay the way it is, especially compared to DS singleplayer (I absolutely do not want to go back to shadow puppets being temporary generalists that jump in on whatever action you're currently performing, the way pig followers are), but I do have a few ideas for things that would make his existing abilities smoother and more powerful to play. I'm not really trying to suggest entirely new powers here, I leave that to Klei.

  • Force-attacking your own shadows gives back their full Nightmare Fuel cost, so if a shadow is being unhelpful or looks like it's about to run in and ruin everything, you can just take it out without losing so much of your investment. Now you can activate and deactivate your shadows a dozen times a day without losing anything more than a handful of twigs and flints and maybe some grass for the duelists.
  • Summoning shadows now properly caps your sanity meter on the lunar islands instead of constantly bringing you back up to 100% lunacy no matter how many shadows you have out. I'm not even sure if this is a decision that was made on purpose or if it's a bug. (Disregard this if there's a secret lore reason why Maxwell is constantly afflicted by lunar enlightenment regardless of the sanity cap from shadow summoning, I suppose.)
  • Shadow Duelists tend to get killed quickly, especially if you're only using one (and you can only have two of them, plus a harvester if you don't mind being below the insanity threshold), since they only have 75 hp and while they kite they're not as quick to react as a player; one Shadow Duelist can't even effectively dodge a koalefant on its own, a player or second mob has to take the aggro for it. I've heard vague whispers that the best Maxwell players can force them to kite more effectively but I have zero idea how to achieve that. They would be a lot more effective if they dodged more readily or more quickly on their own initiative; I think giving them more HP or armor-like damage resistance would just prolong their deaths, not entirely unlike pre-rework/singleplayer Abigail, although I suppose it would still improve their survivability against non-bosses.
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