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Dedicated -> Local (how to?)

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Hi Friends!

I was hosting a dedicated server on Nitrado, but our group decided to cut back on those costs... so I'm going to host the server locally (and have it up only when I'm playing :( )

I have the /save folder here already but I understand the structure for a dedicated server isn't the same as a local host. Can you folks help me put stuff in the right places? I need our world to appear on my "host game" screen so I can host it.



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You should be able to migrate your old map into a client-hosted server by:

1 Create a server in your client, so you have the structure and everything setup.
2 Copy over the client_save folder from your saves into your Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether folder.
3 Delete the contents of the newly created Cluster_X folder and copy the contents of your save (Caves folder, Master folder and cluster.ini) into the newly generated Cluster_X folder.
4 Start up said map from your client.

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8 hours ago, Kxo said:

How could you build a server in nitrado? I've tried several ways and I still can't, I'm tired of turning on my pc every time my group wants to play xD

Should work the same way. If not you might have to ask the Nitrado support, since all the changes and restrictions they've made they know a lot better than anyone here on the forums.

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