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Critter Suggestion: Kombodillo

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With the upcoming DLC on its way and a ravenous modding community avaliable, figured I'd throw a critter suggestion at you all.

So far we've got a quite a few useful industrial critters in the Hatch, Slickster, Drecko, pokeshell and pips for those massive natural farms. A missing niche however, is a critter to run those farms. Many seem to automate their farms by increasing their overall volume and allowing the plants to simply auto harvest when left alone for too long. An easy, elegant solution to maximize duplicant productivity. But space is precious, and we then have the additional time and resource investments required of the larger farm space.


In comes the Kombodillo.

Appearance wise they're an armadillo with a cylindrical head orientated horizontally, traverse similar to a drecko however are unable to jump block gaps. They have a small combine harvester like tool in this cylinder.

In my head this would be a lategame critter with a very narrow range of atmospheric requirements: an extremely narrow temp range (maximum variation of 30 degrees), an atmospheric range of 500, require either light/darkness depending on variant (base variant requires dark) and consume a gas/liquid with germs in it for calories when tamed (germ type specific to the critter variant) [food requirement pending, wanted to make it hard]. In order to increase versatility, variants can be bred with different requirements so they can be utilized effecitively for any plant farm.

This demand on the player is rewarded with their function, the Kombodillo behaves like a combine harvester when awake. The Kombodillo will traverse the world like a drecko but unable to jump, seeking out and harvesting any plants they pass over that are harvestable and dropping the seeds/food on the ground, jealous of their growth. When tamed/fed, the Kombodillo traverses ate a greater rate, allowing fewer Kombodillos to handle a larger farm. This can be combined with auto loaders/receptacles/sweepers to compltely automate the crop farming process.

This will allow for auto harvesting of natural/planted crops without the need for duplicant intervention but of course with a tedious and potentially difficult environmental/breeding requirement. Due to their traversal abilities, they can harvest ground/ceiling bound plants as well as water bound plants. 





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Maybe we just need a tractor, which works like sweepy :)

Interesting idea, but confusing. Let's imagine that I have a colony, which farms pepper breads - I have a very hot pepper farms and very cold wheat farms. Thus, I need to breed cold-resistant Kombodillos and heat-resistant Kombodillos? How do I specify which one goes where? Or I need to make sure that pepper farms are tile-connected to the heat-resistant Kombodillos ranch but tile-isolated from wheat farms?
If they have such narrow livable conditions, does it mean that they can easely die on their way to the farm?
How can I groom them if they are constantely traversing through the farms?
Kombodillo must be delivered by rocket from distant star like Gassy Moo?

Anyways, looking forward to see Kombodillos in the game :)

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Given they're not flying critters you can simply wranngle them with ranchers and send them to critter drop offs within the farm/on the liquid locks keeping the atmosphere where it should be (as you'll generally always have a stone tile adjacent to your water/oil/ect).
While breeding you can assign the conveyor loader to sweep up those particular eggs and a filter to send them to their ideal farm/ranch where the atmospheric conditions are ideal (eg you could heat one up with an aquatuner/air-con and send the cooled substance to the other ranch to cool it down)



  1. I've never noticed if critter died while in transit to their new home. I imagine if a duplicant entered a break/sleep cycle or a red/yellow alert occured and they dropped the critter mid-trip, the critter could die. However transporting the eggs instead of the critter would be a way to bypass this potential issue
  2. You could farm them in a ranch where they can be groomed/fed for egg output then deposit their eggs in a farm where they can still eat the gas, but will be glum. However since they don't produce anything (unlike hatches/pufts/pacu) the metabolism debuff will actually make feeding them easier and there will be no downside as this critter doesn't actually produce anything from the food it eats.
  3. I was thinking they'd be found in a ruin within a test tube, like a bio-enginered work animal with at least 1 spawning per world. It would require an incubator to hatch, has 100% viability which never goes down even in storage. This guarentees you a chance at this critter if you know what you're doing. And even if u mess up, since you found this one, you can now get their eggs from care packages if enabled. However I think allowing them to come from asteroids is a fantastic idea as an additional backup, so players can have multiple goes at using them without relying on printer RNG
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