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  1. Good morning, just a few things I've noticed since jumping into spaced out that are bogging everything down. Resource menus should be starting collapsed (either in the resource menu or buildings eg critter dispensers). Current issue: you select 1 type of food in 1 critter category and it selects it in every other critter categoy (eg hatchling sandstone sedimentry rock proceeds to auto select hatch, stone hatch and stone hatchling sedimentry rock and auto-expand the respective menus) Copy setting functionatity, particularly pertaining to doors and manual generators is broken (must click doors 1 by one, it doesn't work on manual generators) Skill notifications tend to linger for far longer, particularly problematic with many duplicants as you end up with 1/5th of the screen taken up by un-dismissable notifications An easy method to remove all visible notifications from the lower left HUD would be appreciated (manuallly clicking 100 buildings is needlessly monotonous) Ability to collapse the research filter Ability to queue research (given the expanded research tree I'm surprised this didn't make it in) Have a wonderful new year
  2. With the new update and the new resource list (right of screen), it is infinitely long, can't see anything beyong obsidian and can't collapse a category/scroll through the list of stuffs. For some reason it's ordered alphabetically now rather than by the previous resource subcatagories? Fresh world: not enough stuff to make the list that long, can see your new buttons. Conclusion, old world the list is too long to access the resource tab, preventing shrinkage of the list. Old worlds rendered redundant. Adjustments that would be nice to this feature, as currently it seems more intuitive to downpatch the game and use the old one. Option to return collapsable tabs to the main game screen (so it doesn't require an additional click every time you want to see it) Sort resources by: type, total mass, alphabeticle (alrdy there), You've left a small gap above resources, could squeeze in a search bar. Have also noticed performance drops (extra few seconds to load everything: into game, into save file, between world creations screens, loading values on screen, loading lists ect)