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Just Curious about Game Size

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I bought the game and am lucky to get it for 8.99 for two games. The friend I shared the other steam code and I are very happy with the game..

It can't be help but it is reminiscent of minecraft. My question is... will the game get bigger? E.g. a house, more content, more stuff to hunt, more armor types, maybe a little town or yard for myself,etc. etc.? Although I like the game, it gets a bit draggy as Soon as you've somehow unlocked all the stuff..

I know it's still in Beta so the question can be answered with "of course, it's still in Beta idiot" but please be nicer and give me a link or explain to me what further content I should be expecting.


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we get content updates every two weeks, and it was mentioned that this will go on at least "for several month". We do not know exactly what stuff we will get in the end, since its still in development, but you sure will get more stuff to do than what you have atm.

in a cupple of days, they will add fishing as a new game function, that means new tools, new items, new food recipes, someone mentioned a hammer to break stuff you want to "unbuild", like chests, crock pots etc, we get a new type of enemy, and who knows what else, and thats just the next update in a cupple of days, there is a lot more to come.

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