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Griefer ruins my game after I played 20 days

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I was playing solo on a Klei server (there has been people, they helped and left).

After 20 days, Winter arrives and 2 people joined the server. No idea if they were together, but it does not change the concern.

They ask where is the base, I tell them. And finally, one of the players destroys the base, for no reason. They even claim to be a griefer. 

I dont remember the name, I dont care you ban them. There will always be sad people like this.

I tried to vote kick the griefer: I could not start the vote for whatever reason. I tried to vote a roll back : 2vs1, the vote fails (weird vote system). So, game over.

Klei, after a certain amont of time, people vote should count more, or it should grant a light advantage to avoid those situations, especially on your server.

It can be simple: 1 vote for each 5 days on the server. You could even limit this vote privilege (one per week?) so people dont abuse it.

Or if you detect a player hammers / burns a building (some servers do so), allow other player to kick them. 

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unfortunately that could lead to harrasment. if someone is dedicated to being a prick they can loiter in a game and just vote-kick others without just cause


it is one of those messed up things with no solution that doesn't just add more problems in other spots instead

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Maybe a player karma system could be implemented, where players can give each other karma. after a player has been on the server for at least 7 days, they can be vote awarded a karma point by everyone who have been on the server for more than 7 days. This is gainable once per server. If a player griefs though, then they can be vote-griefed by everyone on the server for longer than 7 days as well, and this vote-grief can be triggered only if they burned something on the server. Getting a vote-grief through would take away 10 karma points, and make the karma gaining process only initiate-able after 14 days on future servers, until the score is non-negative. Getting below -10 would mark the player as a possible griefer whenever they enter a server. Karma is also displayable for players upon entering, and karma voting can be done even after the player has left the server for up to a minute or 2 afterwards

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