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Summer as blooming season for plants

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The idea is based on few already existing mechanics - cacti growing a flower during summer and stone fruit growing a sprout. (The cactus flower itself currently can't be used to make more cacti, but hopefully this can be changed along with other plants per my suggestion.). Stone fruit sprout has a 1% chance to be dropped from mining stone fruit and can be planted to grow a natural bush which doesn't require fertilization and doesn't even get diseased. Great.

Other plants would also behave this way, having a 1% to provide a "sprout" version of themselves to be planted if harvested during summer (including summer in caves). However, this can be somewhat tricky to achieve with plants on the surface that also get withered (saplings, grass tufts, berry bushes) so in order to be able to get "sprouts" one would either have these plants protected with ice flingomatic during summer or plant them on lunar turf (found on lunar island) to make them able to grow sprouts outside of summer (this would apply to all plants, not just witherable ones). Stone fruit can be considered to be lunar plant on its own and therefore have permanent lunar effects, being able to grow sprout in any season and on any turf.

After enough harvests, players would gather enough sprouts to replace replanted plants in their base with natural ones grown from sprouts and forget about disease forever (until something like antlion or bearger uproots them).

Furthermore, these sprouts would be produced by non-relocatable plants like reeds, cacti, light flowers, lichen and banana trees, ensuring renewability of those, especially since these plants don't wither during summer. Since cactus always provides flower when picked, it would instead have 1% chance of being successfully grown from planted cactus flower.

And overall, it would bring at least some usefulness to summer, which is currently the most boring season in the game.

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