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August Q.O.L update!

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I loved the last Q.O.L update, so i'm glad to hear that another is coming. Here are some requests from me:

-add an option to unravel cosmetics in bulk, instead of 1 at a time

-Allow us to set survivor exclusive cosmetic skins right on the character select screen, instead of having to make a clean sweeper. (Ex. Abigail skins)

- Allow us to set craft able item skins before entering a world. (Ex. You should be able to set the Tamoshanter skin, to make the Mactusk spawn in with the new skin

-Add a list of most played survivors in the compendium

-Add the survivors favorite foods to the character select screen

-Add a randomize option to the world settings when creating a new world

-give different Wormwood skins different flower trails when blooming, to match the skin

-allow us to delete custom world presets we have made

-add an option to display your exact stat numbers (Health, sanity, hunger) at all times.

If i think of more, I shall edit this post

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