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Thermal Stone not heating up

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hello fellow DST players!

I have a problem with my thermal stone not warming up. Summer ended about 5 game-days ago and thermal stones are not heating up anymore. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I have tried heating them up next to a fire pit, campfire, furnace, something on fire and nothing makes them change color. This is the first time anything alike happened to me in 4 years I have been playing this game.

Thanks for the support. Have fun out there and stay safe playing DST :)

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Someone maybe can explain this better by reading the code, but thermals are influenced on how much they charge depending on the season and the ambient temperature.

As a rule of thumb thermals will have a higher tendency to get more charge from the temperature that is benefitial for the player in a given season.

EG: Leave a thermal by your fire in winter and it will quickly start getting red. Leave a thermal in your fridge during winter and when you check it may or may not even be white. If you take it out it will warm up pretty fast. The opposite is valid as well during summer, pur a thermal on a fridge and it will quickly go white, put it next to a campfire and it will take longer to become red, it may not even happen.

Autumn and spring seem to have middle points, early autumn (past the first year) is still quite hot so the behavior seems to still be as it was summer, and late autumn starts behaving as it was winter. Early spring it behaves as winter and late spring as it was summer.

Please go ahead and correct me with numbers and details I'm not aware of, this is mostly the intuitive way I understand its behavior and it seems to work for me.

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