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What does "nil, nil, nil, nil, 4" mean on Recipe or AddRecipe

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I was trying to add a structure but when I checked the game files I noticed that that line was at the end, some had "nil, nil, nil, nil, 4" or "nil, nil, nil, 6"

Recipe("minisign_item", {Ingredient("boards", 1)}, RECIPETABS.TOWN, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE, nil, nil, nil, nil, 4)

Recipe("fence_item", {Ingredient("twigs", 3), Ingredient("rope", 1) }, RECIPETABS.TOWN, TECH.SCIENCE_ONE, nil,nil,nil,nil,6)

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    env.AddRecipeTab = function( rec_str, rec_sort, rec_atlas, rec_icon, rec_owner_tag, rec_crafting_station )
		CUSTOM_RECIPETABS[rec_str] = { str = rec_str, sort = rec_sort, icon_atlas = rec_atlas, icon = rec_icon, owner_tag = rec_owner_tag, crafting_station = rec_crafting_station }
		STRINGS.TABS[rec_str] = rec_str
		return CUSTOM_RECIPETABS[rec_str]


Recipe = Class(function(self, name, ingredients, tab, level, placer_or_more_data, min_spacing, nounlock, numtogive, builder_tag, atlas, image, testfn, product, build_mode, build_distance)


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