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Setting up a manual aggression system

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Hello, I've been working on a mod that uses unconventional ways to deal damage, outside of just normal attacks, but because of this I've been having trouble with aggression, or aggro as I'll be referring to it from now on.

My problem here is that the damage doesn't cause the enemies to retaliate at all, not gaining any aggro what so ever, and I think I need to manually put in some way for this to happen. There is a point in my code where I have all the entities the weapon attacks in a table (the weapon is AOE, so it can attack multiple people). The only problem is, I don't have any idea how I'm supposed to apply aggro. Is there a function I can use to manually do it, or is there something else?

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5 hours ago, thomas4846 said:




This only seems to halfway fix the problem. This now makes it so the targets I attack gain aggro, but group aggro does not occur. What I mean by group aggro is, for instance, attacking one beefalo will make all the beefalo in the herd start attacking me.

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