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Polar Insig

-QOL Requests: Elegant tier heads replace in-game icon & more.

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Hey! Joined the forum today to offer two QOL ideas: (Mostly asthetical touch ups)

- Allow for elegant head skins to replace the default skin icons used in game if equipped.

Reasoning: I feel that having duplicate characters in match and being able to differentiate the two when approaching in game would be nice, also having stylistic consistency makes me feel good.

Con: New players might be confused when trying to identify a character. (so possibly offer an option to enable or disable?, disabled = default)

- Character specfic skeletons generate upon death. (No new skeleton death positions just modifcations on skeletons that we have.)

Examples: Horns & tail for wortox, larger skeleton for wolf, perhaps decomposed hair for characters with more generic physiology

Reasoning: Being able to identify ones own death location from others would be made easier in certain situations.

Con: Honestly kinda just threw this out here, concept is underdeveloped but I find it interesting on paper.

Execution of these ideas have been on my mind for a while so please tell me what you think.

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