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My Sailing QoL update wishlish

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I do quite a lot of sailing, its probably my favorite thing to do in the game. But I have noticed quite a lot of things that can be an issue. I might as well list them here and hope they can be added in Augusts quality of life update!

1) Different boat types
Right now, only having one boat limits what people can do. So I suggest having different types of boat! Maybe a tougher boat that can take more damage, or wont spring leaks. Or maybe a boat players cant plant on. Or, even SQUARE boats!.

2) Player disconnecting on boats only to spawn back at the portal.
this one is the biggest, but also Im not sure if it can be fixed. The issue is if a player gets disconnected on a moving boat. Their location gets saved at that point in space rather than on the boat itself. So if you were sailing, and your internet cuts out for 0.1 seconds and you get disconnected... you just lost that boat. and have no hope of getting it back. This is the one thing that keeps me from sailing how I want to, and have to rely on bringing someone with me incase i do get Disconnected.

3) Wavy is WAY too punishing.
Wavy jones, added in the most recent update, is very punishing. For just how frequent he spawns, and how easily. Its way too much to deal with when sailing alone. And after only a few nights on sea, you would have to deal with him every 10 seconds at night. Along with him very easily destroying your boat as punishment for being at 75% SANITY
my suggestion is to just lower this sanity limit, maybe to 40% or 30%. As well as limiting how many times he can spawn per night.

4) Sails continue turning.
Another issue with sails is that when you right click to stop turning, and start walking away. The sails would just start to turn... and my boat would end up crashing because it did a 180 because i stopped holding the wheel.
Maybe the sails can stop turning altogether if you exit the wheel, so that this doesnt occur.

and lastly 5) Sunken treasures spawn too far away
Now.. this is just more of a personal one. But every time I find a bottle, and it uncovers a treasure, it spawns on the other side of the map from me. making it so i would need to sail for 5-6 days just to reach it. Along with this, I have had sunken chests spawn in the rivers between biomes, making it so I would need to build a boat on top of it just to get it.

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