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[QoL] Beards and More!

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As requested in Troubled Waters post update. I will give my suggestions for the next quality of life update. 

First of all, I think you should finish Wilson's beards. With the addition of some of them in the QoL update, it made Wilson's skins much more beautiful and with personality. Nothing fairer than finishing the job. (Please I look forward to seeing Wilson with the fire beard and the beard of the new skin)


(Fire Beard Suggestion)

This skin was simply magnificent. But you could still look better with a beard that matches your hair. 


More about quality life. I did a topic recently on this subject (aimed at builders) and the feedback of the suggestions were quite positive. I hope some of these topics will be added. These are details that would greatly improve gambling. 

And finally, a little detail for the sea. Water particles based on weather. That would visually improve the sea on land. (peoples feedback in post below the video)




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