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Need Help with Recipe Images

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I am having trouble getting an item to show its image in the recipe tabs.  Basically, I have a mod where I added a new prefab as a drop and I want to use it in recipes but it is not displaying its image.  I saw in the DST post where calling the AddRecipe function worked, but replacing this with the DS Recipe is not working...


local my_prefab = AddRecipe("my_prefab", {Ingredient("greengem", 1), Ingredient("twigs", 5), Ingredient("custom_prefab", 2,"images/inventoryimages/custom_prefab_inventoryimage.xml", "custom_prefab_inventoryimage")  }, RECIPETABS.MAGIC, TECH.MAGIC_THREE, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil,  "images/inventoryimages/my_prefab_inventoryimage.xml", "my_prefab_inventoryimage.tex" )

Anyone have a suggestion?

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Ok so I am all fixed in that department, thx penguin0616!  But now I was working on a different aspect of the mod and I cannot get a custom recipe image to show up in the recipe tech tree.  What I mean is that when you scroll down to the new recipe I made, the image of what the recipe will create is the image of the item above.  I have other mods where I used item_name.atlas = "images/inventoryimages/item_name.xml" in mod main but for some reason it is not working in this mod.  Also, I know it should be working correctly because the same image is being used to displaying its inventory image just fine!


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