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This is one quirky Idea but I was playing around with farms and came up with this idea, so to make this simple you know the duplicant sensor's well the growth sensor will act similar to it but will detect growth of any plants. For example if you are growing a single bristle blossom and it's ready to harvest the sensor will send a green single which can  optimize electricity use when farming with bristle blossom. but hold up you said one bristle blossom why did I say one well thats where we encounter the first issue the plant sensor will send a green single if any one plant hits 100%. to combat this there will be an additional setting that has how many plants in the area must be 100% growth before sending a green single. and as bonus people can use this for every plant but the other plants don't need light well young duplicant you can use this so when the farmer harvests the plants it will auto sweep it. sure this is niche but can save electricity very slightly, but this is just an idea so do not ask me where I get them from since I do not know. Thanks duplicant for reading make sure to be safe and thoughtful in your space adventure duplicants have an amazing rest of you're cycle.

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