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I want to offer to add more activity at all stages of the game.

Now we have many good tools for setting up the inner life of the colony. It is very good. And the gameplay: I made a balancing of the ideal world (fun), built a monument (ok), launched a rocket (wow), flew for a long time dragged materials (boring), flew to the fault (hmm, I want some more yummy), the finale. Where is the sequel?


At the stage of space flights, you can add variety to the game without changing the game mechanics. And this will extend interest in Oxygen not included.


For example:

Change the results of asteroid research.

- Classic asteroids, the type of surface is known, the composition is partially known. (like now)

- Asteroids requiring additional research through visits. (bonus - large% of rare materials)

Introduce the astronaut report into the game.

For example:

"I explored an asteroid with a high content of steel and plastic, this is an abandoned, practically inoperative satellite. I disassembled it a bit and delivered it."

After 0-10 cycles, the surveillance system (if this system is built) should report that the satellite has moved and left a stable orbit. And it is recommended to take action.

After 5-10 cycles, the satellite penetrates our colony. A tunnel with a width of 2-5 cells is created at a random angle. The material of the cells pours out as after traditional destruction with a final temperature of 500-1000 degrees Celsius.

Tunnel depth:

Depends on the amount and hardness of the material passed.

Well inhibit the bunker doors and cages.

At the finish point there is a satellite (bonus), a lot of steel and ceramics (as a monument), parameters 5x5 cells, temperature 1000 degrees Celsius. The satellite can be disassembled. After disassembling the satellite, an indestructible artifact will remain. This artifact needs to be studied. This will give new directions to research.

Ha ha))) If the colony survives the event ...

The presence of such events in the game is considered as part of the "survival mode".

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