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Less Polluted Water Consumption of Thimble Reed

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As the title suggests, I find that the sheer amount of volume I'm giving 6 Thimble Reed plants of polluted water just... magically disappears based on the rate of consumption. I will need to figure out a better alternative because water is a precious resource, which isn't a problem but, I feel this needs to be dialed back by a factor of 3 or 4.

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Depends on the map really.
Water isnt all that precious in late game. Thimble Reed is a great place to dump excess polluted water.

If you want Reed Fibre you can go a couple of routes,

1. Farming with Fertilizer like @insta suggested, which will cut your water cost in half ~ish.
2. Wild planting with Pips, very passive way to get Reed Fibre, you dont even need to harvest them.
3. Drecko Ranching, which is the best option IMO.
Its free, and you get phosphorite, meat, lime AND Reed Fibre.
On top of that you can build a hydrogen farm for Pincha Pepperplant which is a far better use for polluted water and you have the phosphorite from the Dreckos to use for fertilizer.
All you need to get all this started is 1 Drecko, 1 Balm Lily seed and a little bit of hydrogen.

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