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Server side/ Client side mod question.

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Samity    0


I did a general search but nothing specific came up, so forgive me if I am breaking rules, or posting a previously asked question.

My issue is that me and a friend both bought dont starve together and we wanted to play together. So first time playing together we noticed that we cannot see each others map or character icons on map. So after a while of searching, we got mods to help out with this problem. So we both subscibed/downloaded (we both use steam) the following two mods: Global player icons and Map discovery sharing. 

So now the issue arises that who ever hosts the game has the mods working, while who joins cannot use the mods, even though both these mods are installed on both accounts. 

So my question is, is there a way to force the client to use/download/apply the client side mods, or is this the default setting and the problem lies with mods compatibility? 


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DaZoul    2922

You should instead use the Global Positions mod. The mod does both of the things you want (shared map, and you can see the other player's icon) and more. You can pin things, with a danger sign, etc. It is server sided, so only the host has to download it. To your original question, I sadly don't know the answer to.

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