continue smith's bar brawl; intentional?

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After being disappointed in a deck due to it's slow chip damage, i somehow made it past oolo.

after that i saw the continue button and thought it would bring me to pearl-on-foam, smith sneak peek.

instead it rebooted the brawl mode, with my deck, my cash, and even my allies. difference was my allies, onnawor, didn't leave, even after multiple fights and near death fights.

i fought zyn the first run through, and fought...him...her?...again... it made crad, who had the default kra'deshi head and zyn's fight style.

the game crashed by the time i reached the third segments boss, with a log that stretched past the screen.

i can provide screenshots, and i figured out it's easy to replicate. my main question is was this intentional?

i just replicated this, and now i have a team of a clobber, pamphleteer, and raider beating up the first goober who tries to scare you out of the bar.

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