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[Game Update] - 1158

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Update 1.1.58 (Xbox One)

  • Fixed a save/load bug where the inventory icon for the crafted statues would show as a marble statue.
  • Poop Pellets can now be used as fuel for fire pits.
  • Fixed a save/load bug with Moose/Goose Eggs and Nests.
  • Controllers are now able to navigate through all open containers, instead of only the first opened container.
  • Reworked how the Slingshot shooting works so it does not lock the character into the animation.
  • Using the Slingshot will now share the target with followers.
  • Slightly increased the range of the Slingshot.
  • The effect from Slow Down Rounds now lasts 30 seconds.
  • Fixed the missing impact fx for the Pebbles slingshot ammo.
  • Woby will now drop all items when using the Celestial Portal.
  • MacTusk and Wee MacTusk deal damage again with their blow darts.
  • Fixed a bug where the Camper's Tent could be duplicated.
  • Fixed the Boomerang throw animation.
  • Walter's Slingshot will now benefit from buffs, such as Volt Goat Chaud-Froid.
  • Walter is now properly affected by items that use magic to manipulate the wearer's sanity. 
  • Fixed Walter's salute from turning on lanterns.
  • The Top Hat no longer invisible when placed on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Wendy would restore sanity every time she went in and out of the caves while Abigail is summoned.

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