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Appearance of sprites differs in-game for some reason.

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I am currently overhauling a previous character mod, which involves re-drawing all the sprites for mine. As I've moved my sprites into the game - I've noticed the colouration of the new stuff changes, and some of the detail is lost. As well as a bit of white haloing on the edges of the head. 

The official characters all seem to not have this issue, so what am I doing wrong here?

(I'm using Clip Studio PAINT is that helps)

How the new head and face look in Spriter (How I want it to look)



How the character looks in game (notice the saturation weirdness and the white outline)




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It just doe that, well i think so at-least but if you want help next time you need to leave the base clothing, using other clothes makes it harder to identify the problem.The problem with the white lines is probably your drawing program, but there are way to mediate the problem however i don't know these myself.

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