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Slickster meat farm with drowner (non-breeder)

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I'm back with more animal abuse.

This farm has all the slicksters at the same age, detects when their eggs are laid (all at about the same time), then drowns them all. Eggs hatch 20 cycles later, repeat. The triple doors at the top is an egg freezer, when eggs are crushed between doors it halts their incubation and their viability doesn't drop either.

Why drown them? Why not let them live out their retirement and raise their young? I don't know the answer to these questions. I was in the zone.

But seriously maybe you only care about the meat and either you want some of your FPS back, or you don't have enough co2 to sustain slicksters that live for 100 cycles.

It's ~12.5 slicksters per dupe if making surf n turf or frost burgers. 19 slicksters if just plain BBQ. Ungroomed but fed (with co2) slicksters will lay an egg at age 55. They die of old at age 100.

Important: Either normal or molten slicksters would work, but it must be one or the other, not a mix. If molten, obviously all the liquid must be petrol. And set the hydro sensor to above 730kg, because 2nd layer of petrol starts at only 740kg.

You'll lose some slicksters over time because Klei has graced us with the gift of a 2% minimum on other breed types even if it's a hostile environment. At first I thought automating replacements would be easy: "couple critter sensors, first >1 and second <150 (arbitrary), AND them together, and make the breeder send some when it drops below 150." Nope, critter sensors can't be set higher than 64. I guess some eyeballing would need to happen by you every few hundred cycles. Or I'm sure you could also automate it to some extent, perhaps to enable your breeding station every 75 cycles and send out N eggs.



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