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Suggest small rebalance on skills, attributes and jobs

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1.It is over difficult to level up animal husbandry attribute, due to the only possible way to gain experience is using incubator. But incubating eggs is only a minor part of animal husbandry, and the main job is taking care of animals.

2.Incubator is over expensive on power consumption. Egg can still hatch out without using incubator, making the expensive power consumption more meaningless. And also, I found it possible to shut down the incubator after the accelerating buff is applied. This shouldn't be the game design.

3.Agriculture has almost no job acceleration, but farming is a highly heavy duty everyday job. Comparing with digging and building, farming is almost 10 times less effective.(2.5%tending vs 25%digging per level, 5% harvesting vs 40% building per level)

4. Cuisine attribute has the same problem, considering 5% job acceleration per level, without any other effect.

5.Supplying is OP compared to tidying. 400/800 capacity  worth 10/20 strength, but tidying is a rarely used job type.

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Some new idea:

6.The skill tree should have different attribute bonus on different levels of skill, or it will not worth the morale requirement. For example. 3 levels of building skills have the same effect of +2 to building, but the first level cost 1 morale and the third level cost 3 morale. Should be +2/+4/+6 for the morale requirement.

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