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  1. The only reliable light refill item in shipwreck is bioluminescence. In wiki it says that they have some code relating to respawning, but once the game is generated this code is removed. Now in shipwreck there is no way to renew light fuel. Consumables should have reliable way to renew.
  2. Well, I may have some new understanding of this issue. Just a few moment ago, I see a tile of carbon dioxide inside this chlorine gas chamber. The amount of it is exactly 20g, which is the amount that dupes will produce. That means for some reason, a dupe very occasionally breathed while in a "holding breath" situation. This never happened before. There are many times when I constructed very large vacuum room, and I never see dupes breath inside vacuum, even without space suits. Maybe it is because it is exactly the time that this dupe is about to exhale CO2 while passing through the airlock. But I have no idea why it does not push away the airlock instead. The issue I mentioned may have some relation with this. thus the 20g carbon dioxide floated over the storage bin and let out some gas emitting. Maybe I was too concentrated on the p-oxygen and did not notice the CO2.
  3. There might be another thing worth mentioning is that this storage bin is next to the liquid airlock. The liquid airlock is consist of 2 tile of liquid, with each tile only contains tiny amount of liquid. I guess this bug may have some relation with this, when the emitting algorithm attempt to find a valid tile to emit gas, it found the tile of liquid airlock. the amount of liquid is not enough to prevent the gas emitting.
  4. I think this could be a feature not a bug... In gamepedia you can find page about heat exchange. It tells you that debris exchange heat with the tile under it, and I guess dug debris inside the rail still apply this rule.
  5. I read the ONI gamepedia and find that all unstable matter can not emit gas under pressure higher than 1.8 kg/tile. Practically I find this is true most of the time. But just a few minutes before this rule was broken. I have a high pressure chlorine storage chamber, where I have 2000+ g/tile of pure chlorine gas inside. I put my bleach stone and slime ball inside the storage bin in this chamber. It works fine for a few cycles, but all of a sudden the slime emit one tile of polluted oxygen. I reloaded the game, and at one moment the slime was like crazy. It emit a continuous sequence of polluted oxygen in no more than one second, played the emitting animation for 5 or 6 times.
  6. By the way, I also report bug 3 to the moder of geometric placement.
  7. 1. I've searched for this wetness bug, and found it that some people have already reported this bug: crafted things are all wet for unknown reason, and this bug will last for the entire life of one save file.(Wait, after I compiling this massage and go back to check it again, it seems this bug has been fixed...automatically?) 2. I think there must be someone faster than me to report this and the next bug: there is a kind of bird, which I am not what kind of bird it is, invisible. Perhaps you guys have not yet made its graph right now. 3. Tar extractor can be placed on anywhere on the ocean if geometric placement mod is enabled.