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Spriter - Balancing the arms

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I'm trying to get a spriter model to render correctly. It seems like the left and right arms are mirrored, but in a stupid way. When I move the pivot to make the right arm go forward, that also makes the LEFT arm go forward..

So either have a model whose left arm is too far forward, or whose right arm is too far back. In the picture, I've just made both of them right in the middle of being wrong. The left arm should be back more and the right arm should be foreward more.

Is there any way to fix it?

If I could assign a different image file to the left arm, that would work...
If I could set a pivot on the left arm to a pivot not equal to the right arm, that would work...

I've tried editing the html in the Spriter file to use different images, but it didn't work. And there's no way to change the pivots in the Spriter file (as far as I could see) because the mirroring takes place somewhere after the spriter file, like the anim or something.

But obviously there is a way to get arms to not look derpy. Everyone else has done it. How do I?




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First of all the spriter file animation is only a reference, so your character symbols can be made into a build. The position of the symbols in the spriter timeline has no affect in game because the game uses the wilson bank of animations. Attempting to modify animations pivots is such a enormous task that its essentially impossible as there are now several hundred animations in the wilson bank.

You can change the pivots for your characters symbols but that only affects where that pivot will appear in the respective animations. As such for highly animated parts like arms this can have disconnected animations if tampered with too much.

There really isn't anything that can be done with the mirroring as that again is dictated by the animation. So your best option is to try and make the textures closer to the model the animations were designed to fit. =/

It should be noted that some characters have by default smaller bodies like wendy, wes or wickerbottom. So maybe you need to adjust your torso textures to be more in the center of the arms? As they don't seem to have this issue. Stock wickerbottom is super skinny torso wise, so it might be worth investigating.

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