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Should there be a way to manage set peices?

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I've played PC and you can set set peices / boons to more, however you can't add more on PS4 due to limit.


This being said after I restarted world's over 60 times tryna get a new reed trap farm since my old world has expired content. 


I don't think it's fair for this especially since the set peices haven't really been worked on. 


I have world's with over 2000 days lived w/o the set peices so i think players should have more choice when it comes to set peices instead of being at the mercy of RNG.

I know set- peices are there to add variety to each play through, but this over kill. There should be a way to toggle on the 'mvp' set peices (tall bird fort & reed trap), or something to make them more available. 

I don't know if it's just me who thinks this. 

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