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  1. Bro I can't tell at this point if you're a noob or trolling. But I've been playing this game since the original came out. This all I'mma say
  2. The irony here is ppl are expecting Tim Burton demon souls with don't starve. And that's what wes is for. Wolfgang was fine as is till warly so that's the issue. But wait if u touch warly, you'll have another unit no one will touch till it get reworked again. Lol Look at wigfrid. She got buffed and ppl complained all they used her for was tankiness and waste of resources. Now the game has almost infinite resources and she's a bard+ her old gimmic. If you don't like something, don't use it. | Or use Wes |
  3. It takes roughy the same set up time for both. One needs three players ( or switching to get the food ready ), the rabbits and catapult can be done with one character(anyone for rabbit , only Winona for catapult ). It's not easy to farm jelly and it's not easy to use warly. So its the same. They want ppl to play the game how they want to play. Long story short, if you think anything is op, simply use Wes
  4. Oof yeah that's a problem. Hope they fix it soon. Seems like this update messed some connections
  5. I sent a ticket and it's due to the fact that pc gets the whole update first. So even though we can watch twitch right now and get credit, all the new stuff will come next week with psns offical update.
  6. Ditto and I only linked with psn. I didn't even get the new walls and lantern for logging in
  7. Nvm since I'm on PS4 just searched that we get EVERYTHING next week. Oops
  8. This is a known mechanic but I've seen some other common things here and this I didn't know after playing a while Make bunny men anti boss machines. Tl;Dr plant 20-30 bunny hutches near/ on bee queen. Use helmets( bee hats ) for them to take less damage. Make a fence with powder cake(eternal fruitcake) to make them outside all day/night Optional (make road for faster movement and a fridge for meat / food) Hammer the hive and watch the bunnies kill the queen. U can use this for other bosses but make sure they don't destroy their houses. As the bunnies die, you get more bunny tails to make more hutches for other shenanigans.
  9. I too face a similar issue. However my game has the chess nightmares and it plays generic boss music for the encounter.