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  1. Oof yeah that's a problem. Hope they fix it soon. Seems like this update messed some connections
  2. I sent a ticket and it's due to the fact that pc gets the whole update first. So even though we can watch twitch right now and get credit, all the new stuff will come next week with psns offical update.
  3. Okay I thought it was bugged. I guess console gets all these when we get the official update.
  4. Ditto and I only linked with psn. I didn't even get the new walls and lantern for logging in
  5. Nvm since I'm on PS4 just searched that we get EVERYTHING next week. Oops
  6. These links expire so gotta lurk often
  7. I've watch some streams and it says I watched for 0 seconds. What's good with that?
  8. It sounds like you should go play regular don't starve and shipwrecked lol
  9. Just because you're not getting what you wanted doesn't mean the game is in a bad place. I play on PS4 majority of the time solo and there's plenty of stuff to make these all bosses soloable. Especially the dragon fly. Wolfgang with darksword and use the long stone wall to block the larvae. Sounds like you need to get good Your bearger excuse is bad because you can easily lead it to treegaurds /spider dens or tentacle and have them take care of it for you. I've played on PC and PS4, only difference with pc is mod and adding MORE of an enemy. Since PC's can handle more strain with more. Imagine adding more of everything on console? Your system will probably never load the world.
  10. This is a known mechanic but I've seen some other common things here and this I didn't know after playing a while Make bunny men anti boss machines. Tl;Dr plant 20-30 bunny hutches near/ on bee queen. Use helmets( bee hats ) for them to take less damage. Make a fence with powder cake(eternal fruitcake) to make them outside all day/night Optional (make road for faster movement and a fridge for meat / food) Hammer the hive and watch the bunnies kill the queen. U can use this for other bosses but make sure they don't destroy their houses. As the bunnies die, you get more bunny tails to make more hutches for other shenanigans.
  11. Yeah it was confusing but this should be unpinned and pin the new drop (glass eyebrella)