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  1. I don't get how seeing a stream and learning how to play better is cheating . That's like watching YouTube videos on how to beat certain bosses in dst and wanting to take down their videos cuz it's 'too helpful' and not letting people learn on their own. If you wanna be good at something you practice, ask questions and do research. Watching vids or streams is up to the individual lol. Not you. Now if the guy afk streams for fake viewers that's different.
  2. This is a known mechanic but I've seen some other common things here and this I didn't know after playing a while Make bunny men anti boss machines. Tl;Dr plant 20-30 bunny hutches near/ on bee queen. Use helmets( bee hats ) for them to take less damage. Make a fence with powder cake(eternal fruitcake) to make them outside all day/night Optional (make road for faster movement and a fridge for meat / food) Hammer the hive and watch the bunnies kill the queen. U can use this for other bosses but make sure they don't destroy their houses. As the bunnies die, you get more bunny tails to make more hutches for other shenanigans.
  3. Yeah it was confusing but this should be unpinned and pin the new drop (glass eyebrella)
  4. [Poll] Summer

    I personally just go to ruins/ caves but if I have a base experiment I'll just have eyebrella and pre built Endo fires around high traffic areas.
  5. Yeah we need that bird cage
  6. Boss theme music won't play

    I too face a similar issue. However my game has the chess nightmares and it plays generic boss music for the encounter.