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  1. I never played Wendy so it makes sense. I would see videos of others with clumps of evil flowers and assumed PC mods but for the moment I play on PS4. I'll just switch to Wendy and try this out. I appreciate it.
  2. I've been playing this game so long and didn't know u can use her flowers as sanity stations . How does that work?
  3. Topic creator just wanted to jump on the bandwaggon of 'nerf warly' and tried to be original by complaining his 'main is nerfed'. Thanks for showing them otherwise.
  4. Damn I've gotten like 5 onions and ate them all raw cuz it's not pepper or garlic lol
  5. I'm on console so I was forced to have a main due to no being able to switch till recently. I started with wigfrid and got tired of her meat only thing. Then realized it's hard to gather things ; I main maxwell. Makes getting living log easy due to mass tree farming. Just set up a pig farm or bunny farm near and they fight the treeguards for you. Also saves durability on whatever tool is used for the shadows. I got good at kiting and would play with my girl who would us wigfrid due to easy armor so we always duoed all bosses that appeared. She'd tank and I'd kite if she needed to heal. Recently I've been using wolfang ( before warly) and I struggled early with resources since I needed to keep making tools and I was used to picking stuff up with Maxwell while the shadow copped/ mined. I guess I was spoiled. However Wolfgang is op with damage. Making fights end way quicker. Tl;Dr I main maxwell and have lived 3000+ days using him alone. Recently lived 700+ days with Wolfgang only.
  6. The game 'don't starve' is about adapting and it looks like you chose not to. Obviously a rework for wig will happen but I'm sure woodie and wendy need it more. Someone also said that she can eat jelly and spice so she didn't lose anything worth while from the warly buff.
  7. I've said it in other posts. You don't start a new game with a megabase and warly with all recipes... You have to grind it out. Now if you're just spawining things in the game for yourself, then yeah, Of course it's broken. But good luck beating dfly with warly buffs as a speed run lol. U better pray rng is on your side with the farm.
  8. Ppl forget there's vegetable rng and then duplicating rng with the bird... Just because everyone with megabases and farms, surviving 3000+ days have access to broken combos doesn't mean everyone else does. Not everyone plays this game with a full server of experts lol.
  9. Now the game is... Fun I've said this in other posts ; just make an enemy or biome that reverses percentage buffs. So if you abuse warlys food in that instance you actually nerf yourself. New content should always make current content easier. So just make harder/ smarter enemies.
  10. All they need to do is introduce enemies with reverse buff mechanics and all those percentages from warly's food just made you weaker and force you to 'get good' or in reality just go back to basic lol (bunny man cheese, catapults, army of wigfrid/ Wolfgang, on tentacles. Unless that new enemy does something about what I just mentioned). All this did was make single player easier very late game. You swap into warly using celestial gate; make food, swap to Wolfgang. Get armor. Get buffed by food and max hunger , somehow make enemy wet then slap it with one dark sword. So now a solo player in dst can be comes a one man army at the cost of moonrocks and purple gems. Also note we don't all start the game with all bosses farmed. So you need to earn all of that.
  11. Typical MMOs simply get harder bosses as content progresses. So it's fair to have Wolfgang + whatever be broken for the current content on hand. However, with us the players being creative ; instead of nerfing everyone with good synergy we need tougher things or gimmicky enemies. This being said "oh the food buffs with "buffed" Wolfgang is op" so make the next enemy negate buffs or food buffs. Or actually ALL BUFFS TURN TO DEBUFFS , a little reverse mechanic so ppl who rely on this actually end up making their dps trash (obviously a weaker wolfgang would kind of benefit from a reverse buff, but with less health so yeah) . You don't automatically have to resort to a 'nerf' to correct synergies. Make smarter enemies or mechanics to make players think harder. With this game and the abundance of resources one can make late game, someone will figure out a cheese for a boss eventually. Winona already can solo every enemy with her catapults. Now this Seems like every time a character gets a rework it's 'broken'. Maybe the devs plan on making the game harder( or harder future bosses) but after everyone is refreshed .
  12. I'm new to the forum but from what I see, it seems everyone wants everything to be reworked since they already did some characters. As we improve and improvise in this game ; we don't need everything adjusted. That's the beauty of this game. Just tweak things if something becomes under played or underused. Bunnymen are fine. Im a console player mainly and play dst solo most of the time , they help with silk farms/ monster meat/ krampus and obviously their own drops (recently found out about fake solo bunny vs bee queen and yeah...). I'd like to say I'm a veteran dark souls player( platinumed all games and did heavy pvp) so getting good it's part of the game. And this game gives us alot to work with. I mentioned darksouls be cause people want don't starve to be hard. Ppl still find this game hard but the longer you survive ; the easier the game gets. That's the point. Bunny farm is kind of mid game/ end game reward/ farm if you know what to do. Accidentally picking up a meat around your "farm" and you'll get farmed lol.
  13. This will be live later today right? I got the meta flame yesterday assuming it was on the dot on the 25th lol.
  14. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    I beat the queen with under 30 hutches and maybe 10-15 bee hats on the bunnies. (However at I farm bunnies I add more hutches) My method is to have Chester with meat foot( honey nuggets/ perogi) and I'll hold mushrooms for sanity/ health. I use Wolfgang btw. I kill the grumble bees while trying to make sure I don't get stunnlocked when she roars. Pretty much towards the end of the fight is when the grumbles will focus you. If all grumbles are dead, I sneak in attacks with tentacle spike or dark sword. I try to keep like 5 pig helmets on me and slap the grumble bees on the way back to the queen after a roar.
  15. Boss theme music won't play

    I too face a similar issue. However my game has the chess nightmares and it plays generic boss music for the encounter.