Avoid Boon/Bane Guessing Game

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Hey folks,


currently it seems that Social Boons/Banes are added to the memory on a per-person basis. This is tedious, since you can with a little experience guess which shape of a Boon/Bane belongs to it. Adding to that is that certain group members all give the same boost/bane(?).

So even if I haven't unlocked their social boon, I can already guess which Boon Feporo will give me.

Therefore it would be better, to manage Social Boons/Banes per themselves rather than on a per-person basis.


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I think they do it this way to give an easy way to track which NPCs you’ve already gotten a boon/bane with. The compendium was meant to unlock extra lore about them once you’ve gotten both with them, although it’s not implemented (yet?).

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