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Overgrown Island Part 1(The Mawshrooms)

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The island has 4 biomes: Sawgrasslands, Jungle, Lily Marshes and Bamboo Forests. Each biome of this island harbors lots of giant plants and mobs and in this part we will be covering the Mawshrooms.

The Mawshrooms have 3 kinds each kinds inhabit a different biome of the island and each kind will be hostile to the other ones in case they encounter each other

Red Mawshrooms
HP: 75
Damage per hit: 15
Loot: 75% 1x Red Spores, 25% 1x Redcap
Red Mawshrooms are hostile and will yell when they sight a player or another mob alerting nearby Red Mawshrooms and forcing them to aggro, They inhabit the Jungle biome and they are mostly active during the day and hide in their log, At the first day of summer Red Mawshrooms will invade the Bamboo Forest biome and attempt killing Green Mawshrooms

Green Mawshrooms
HP: 100
Damage per hit: 15
Loot: 75% 1x Green Spores, 25% 1x Greencap

Green Mawshrooms live in the bamboo forest in bamboo patches for up to 3 of them per patch, These are ranged, hostile and will attack mobs and players at a distance, Once approached Green Mawshrooms will hide in the patches(They will not hide when approached by Red Mawshrooms) till you chop them then they will be stunned for 2 seconds and once they can move they will run to the nearest patch, Red Mawshrooms can attack them even when they are hiding in bamboo patches, They have a 1% chance of mutating limb-like roots off the patch and relocate it when approached, These Mawshrooms will be out of their patches at dusk unless approached

Blue Mawshrooms
HP: 125
Damage per hit: 15(AoE)
Loot: 75% Blue Spores, 25% Bluecaps

Blue Mawshrooms live in the Lilypad Marsh and spawn from lilyboats(Yes boat lilypads) and they are the only neutral Mawshroom unless towards other Mawshrooms, When attacked Blue Mawshrooms will send out cone-like shockwaves that deal AoE damage, They can walk on water and during the first day of summer they will hide underwater, They are mostly active at night but they are occasionally outside at day and they glow at night.

There will be a set piece called the Mawshroom Family in the Sawgrasslands biome it includes 2 infested Bamboo Patches, 2x Redcap Logs and 2x Lilyboats with a little pool of water and none of the mawshrooms spawned from these will attack the others

All Mawshrooms will take 2-3 days to respawn off their specific homes and Green Mawshrooms will only have its own specific infested bamboo patches

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Interesting idea, I hope Klei adds more biomes to DST... like LOTS of Biomes... 

they have a game with science, sailable oceans, underground caverns, teleportation, ancient gateways, wormholes and portals.... we can go Anywhere THEY Want us to go... Let’s remove the whole “it doesn’t fit DSTs Climate” Mindset once and for all Please????

Open your eyes guys- Klei has a game that has the potential to be ever expanding just like GTA Online or Minecraft.. a game that can continue to exist for yearrrrrsss to come without needing to make an actual Sequel.

The existence of Lunar Island and it’s Own exclusive Lunacy effect proves that Klei has the knowledge to build new islands with their own unique mobs, dangers, and effects.

We need more of that.. like LOTS More.

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